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Sculptural Art pieces created with graphite,charcoal pencils and clay.

Introducing the Celestial Collection:

When you tap into your spiritual power, your remarkable and authentic self emerges. It's a truth we all know, yet sometimes forget amidst the distractions of our surroundings. The Celestial Collection serves as a gentle reminder to release stress and embrace the present moment—the true essence of life.

Each painting in the Celestial Collection represents a different element of manifestation: Breathe, Focus, and Believe. They are an inspiring catalyst to help you maintain consistency and unwavering faith in your dreams. By incorporating these elements into your daily life, you can manifest your desires with clarity and purpose.

"Breathe" emphasizes the importance of breathwork and meditation, allowing your body to serve as a centering tool. "Focus" embodies the Universal law that what you focus on grows and expands. And "Believe" encourages you to remain consistent and faithful to your dreams, for they will undoubtedly come to fruition.

This project employs various mediums to express the spiritual journey. The soft earth tones represent the Divine Feminine energy and the encompassing Universal energy that surrounds us. The black graphite charcoal style symbolizes the inception of an idea on paper, akin to a sketch. And the clay represents the three-dimensional manifestation of that idea, bringing it to life in a tangible and profound manner.

Each accessory adorned with gold represents the soul—a precious reminder of your inherent divinity and power.

The Celestial Collection is available as limited edition art prints, crafted to gallery-quality standards. Each piece is meticulously created to preserve the essence of its original form and deliver a truly captivating and transformative experience.

Immerse yourself in the celestial realm and allow the Celestial Collection to guide you on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Believe art






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