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Law of Assumption

Abundance is a state of mind

It's something you can feel in your bones and tune into.The more appreciative you are for your blessings, the more abundant your life becomes. But being grateful isn't always simple, especially if you feel like your life has been a series of setbacks. After all, it's all about perspective when it comes to abundance. Your feelings are created by your perception, whether you focus on blessings and abundance or scarcity and what is lacking. And the decision is entirely yours.

Whatever you believe to be true, your subconscious mind will seek out evidence to support it. You will continue to perceive things that offer you delight if you focus on blessings and abundance.

There is a universal law to help you elevate your frequency to the level of your desires, the law of Assumption.

Here is a way for you to incorporate the law in journaling your abundance.

Abundance journal guide:

Step 1: Make a list of your desires.

To use the Law of Assumption, start by describing the desire you want to express.So take this opportunity to write down a wish you'd like to come true.

If you have several wishes in mind, choose one to focus on for now.

Use your five senses to explain your desire's experience, including unique personal specifics.

The more particular you are, the easier it will be to visualize how it feels to have your goal fulfilled.

Step 2: Visualize the feeling of your wish

The second stage in applying the Law of Assumption is to imagine how the wish will make you feel. It is not enough to just consider or write down your dream. To alter your internal state, you must immerse yourself in the sensation of your desire being satisfied.

This is when your imagination comes into play. Use what you wrote down in the first stage to imagine how nice it feels to have your wish fulfilled.

The Law of Assumption states that your imagination has the potential to alter your reality by altering your internal condition. The more clearly you can see yourself experiencing wish in your head, the faster you will be able to experience it in the practical world.

Concentrate on emotions that have a high vibration, such as love, happiness, or joy. You may even take it a step further by envisioning how your manifestation will lift the spirits of your family and friends.

Step 3: Assume Your wish is fulfilled

Now it’s time to close your journal and proceed with your day, thinking that your wishes have been granted.

Simply live your life as though your wish has already been fulfilled.

That is, instead of worrying out, create the sense of your desire in your head. This signifies you've already attained your goal on the inside.

And, according to the Law of Assumption, when your internal condition changes, your exterior reality must alter as well, because the universe is nothing more than a projection of your consciousness.

Happy Journaling!


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